Poster series and social media campaign


Stighlorgan is a modern accessories brand with roots in Dublin and East London. They specialize in bags and backpacks and have a unique aesthetic that sits between American utility and European minimalism – a mix that reflects their Irish roots.

Conduct market research and a survey in Vienna, Austria and, with the help of the results, create an Austrian launch campaign for the brand, with a focus on social media and guerrilla advertising methods.


With the results of the survey and the request for an online oriented campaign:


Combining the bags with diverse, yet familiar landscapes (forest, seaside, city), they create a visual and emotional response through the viewer’s own memory triggers.

The interactive nature of the campaign sets in once Stighlorgan announces offering discounts in their Austrian stores during opening month for customers who pin the location of a memory (on 3D printed world maps set up in specific street pop-up stores around Vienna) and share this with a short story/a photograph and the hashtag #bagsofmemories on their personal social media.