Rebundance is a Lisbon (PT) based brand (owned by Bluecity Lda) that focuses on creating a life with dignity and renewable prosperity for all. Their program offer varies from Leadership Programs with a focus on self-awareness and ones impact on the world, to a variety of programs around our relationship with food, agroforestry and the systems around them.

moodboard & idea

What stuck with me with Rebundance was that no matter the variety of events they facilitate, the consistent outcome of their work is starting conversations, often in spaces where previously there were little to none. With them being based in Portugal and primarily working with local projects, it is important to visually represent this quality.

So when the need arose to update the initial wordmark logo and brand colors, I knew I had to incorporate the facilitation of dialogue and local Portuguese ceramic tiles design into it, with the final product’s cut out pattern also representing a glimpse into areas of life that one would perhaps otherwise not grasp.

main logo





Main Colors


logo variations & color accents



You can find the current version of the website here, with the disclaimer that it’s in the process of being revamped.