Stighlorgan, a modern accessories brand with roots in Dublin and East London, was in need of an introduction campaign for their arrival in Austrian shops.

survey & moodboard

After running a survey on a small sample of people in Vienna who’s attention was drawn to the bags, the target group became clear:

  • between 18 – 30 years
  • students & freshly employed
  • big city life enjoyers
  • a preference for being outside
  • travelers & sport enthusiasts
  • most important quality of a bag: functionality

With the above, it became clear to me that whatever the campaign ended up being, it needed to be interactive and leave a lasting imprint past just “I saw the ad for the fancy bag”.

the idea

The #bagsofmemories hashtag was created for the purposes of an online heavy campaign and would focus on bringing young people together through sharing memories of their most favorite traveling destinations and the feelings evoked through remembering those wonderful moments.

To encourage a diversity of stories, posters would should up around Vienna, placing the Stighlorgan bags in a variety of settings: big city, forest, seaside, open roads.

As a Guerilla Marketing action that fit the budget, Stighlorgan would set up a large world map canvas in places of interest for the target group (eg. Museumsquartier as in the first picture above, Stephansplatz, the various university parks etc.). Those passing by would be invited to stick a pin for their top 3 favorite destinations and perhaps even print a photo to attach to it.

The action would continue online where Stighlorgan would invite everyone to continue “unlocking the world map together” in the same manner, connecting what would become a community of travelers and offering them a small discount on their first bag for participating.

This not only led to an increased and ongoing engagement, due to relating to their potential customers in a more personal way, but it enabled my personal favorite in terms of advertising techniques: word of mouth.